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Is there anyway to block all network requests?

I don't need all the spam network requests and would prefer to set my profile in such a way that all requests are automatically declined. 


Hi Anthony,


I understand you have concerns with your network notification and I am here to assist. 
At this time, you can't opt out of network requests entirely. You can only decline any request you get. The sender will not get a notification that you declined and if you decline a request from the same account three times, they can't send you any more requests.
We apologize for the limitation and thank you for understanding. I’ll have this forwarded to the relevant team for review so we can enhance your experience.

~ AJ
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Well that's really annoying. I never signed up for it and I also can't unsubscribe from it. Once again confirms my belief that Upwork is only here to milk freelancers as much as possible. Email spam seems to be one of their strategies. 

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