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Is there protection against misleading clients regarding feedback editing?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Rekha S wrote:

I had no intention of offending anyone.... I was simply mentioning the thought process of an average freelancer who get a lower rating for the wrong reasons.

You didn't offend anyone. Preston simply completely misunderstood your post and took it upon himself to request that you remove it. The word is not forbidden anyway, and you in no way said that you DID think that way.


CLEARLY you didn't apply the "R" word to the clients, you simply wanted to show how futile such thought processes are.

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Rekha S Member Since: Jul 13, 2015
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Petra, I don't blame Preston for jumping to the wrong conclusion. I guess he connected the now deleted point with my last line in the message where I stated that I no longer accept test-job invites.


It was my fault for not being clear or expanding on it. My decision was not based on the ratings, but because of combined factors - zero outcome and Upwork's subtle disapproval of one-off jobs.


Besides, Preston hasn't interacted with me on forums, and doesn't know me the way ex-elancers like Nichola and Michael do. 🙂

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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@Phillip W wrote:

Thank you for the response. Given the risks for opening editing for feedback (e.g. It looks like the feedback remains open for editing if it is open once (or please correct me if this is wrong)), you may be right that you should accept feedback no matter what. I think it should go without saying (at this point) that I've never explicitly rejected a rating and have always been very careful and accommodating to clients when communicating about them, and they're never the primary focus of communication.


Comminucation would fall under the category of personality, I think, the rating of which I would never have an issue with. It's the ratings like availability and deadlines that are objectively verifiable (and, more so, deadlines).

The most important ratings are the ones that freelancers never see - the feedback that is left in private. One client can give you a stellar rating in public, but not so good in private - that is the feedback that counts on your JSS.


Sorry to ask this question, but have you actually read all the stuff about feedback on the help pages?