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Is there something wrong with my profile?

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Mateo R. S Member Since: Dec 13, 2018
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Hi! i am not so much of a newbie here, i have worked quite a few times, and employed a freelancer once.

I struggle a lot, A LOT, to get a contract, i have 91% JSS, i think a have a solid porfolio, at least compared to a lot of my peers, that they earn a ton of money and gets seen a lot, i rarely get invitations, and it´s getting frustrating, i post a lot of proposals, that completely match my skills and portfolio, and nothing.

I always set the budget at what they propose, should i go lower? i don´t want to go lower, i filtered out all my feed to fixed price jobs that are higher than 50USD.

I am in a facebook group that´s called UpWork Freelancers, there are a LOT, and i mean like 10 posts daily, that offers fake accounts for 4or 5 USD, or sell validated accounts, that piracy right there might be causing some issues to the clients and we legit people never gets seen. Is there something the Upwork company can do? i mean the connect scheme change will help a lot, but those people will keep on doing stuff, it is a major concern. Thank you!!

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Mateo,


Submitting proposals doesn't always guarantee that you will get hired or a chance to be interviewed, but you shouldn't give up on sending proposals to potential clients.

You can update your profile and edit your profile overview, expand it with your new skills and experiences. Take a few tests and add some portfolio items to showcase the new skills you have acquired.

Please, check out these threads Getting Started on Upwork and Hiring Headquarters and find there some excellent articles and learn more about Upwork.

When you apply for jobs, make sure your proposal is well written and that you're absolutely qualified and certain of your ability to complete the job you're applying for. 


Selling or buying accounts is against the ToS and we have various processes in place to verify profiles and help us identify accounts with violations.


We appreciate when users report violations so feel free to send me a PM with Facebook group/post you're referring to and I'll file a report to our team accordingly.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
Community Leader
Mateo R. S Member Since: Dec 13, 2018
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Thank you.