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Is this a fake Employer please help me about this

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Fernando Jr. N Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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goodday to everyone in oDesk i just want an answer about this matter about this employer he said to me that:


**edited for Community Guidelines**



but when i message him he didn't even reply to my emails he said that when im done on my 35hours he will pay me but until now he didnt even pay me since i email him on FEB. 17,2015 cause i was started on FEB. 10,2015 is this a fake employer **edited for Community Guidelines**

 pls help me oDesk on how can i get my payment on this job.

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Salman M Member Since: Feb 15, 2015
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Did you work outside oDesk?

Community Guru
Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Hi Fernando

Did you had a contract with this client on odesk?? 

If no, then you just got scammed and it is your fault that you trusted this client blindly. Please report him on odesk for scamming people but do not expect any payment as it was your fault.


If you did had an hourly contract, and used odesk time tracker , you will be paid for logged time. If you did not used time tracker, then it was again your fault and you will not be paid.


If you had a fixed priced contract, submit the milstone and cleint will have 14 days to approve your work and you will be paid. 


Also read odesk policies before you do anything else on odesk.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Yes, this is a "fake employer".


One way you can tell if somebody is a "fake employer" is if you work for them and they don't pay you money.

That's your first clue.


Anyway, this particular scam has been around a long time. You're a newbie on oDesk. You got scammed by somebody who takes advantage of newbies, promising them money and their first job, and taking advantage of the fact that they don't now how oDesk works.


If this "client" still has a job posted on oDesk, then use the "flag" tool to flag the job as inappropriate.


Other than that, DO NOT complain about this particular job any more. DO NOT TRY to get your money. It is a waste of time. You will never receive money for whatever it is you did for this scammer. The only thing that will happen if you pursue this is you will make oDesk think you were breaking the rules and you might get your account suspended.


Take your lumps, learn your lesson, spend some time reading in the Community Forum. Do a search in this oDesk Community Forum for "scam" or "fraud" and read everything you can on the subject. Read other threads. Then move forward.