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Is this a legit job invitation? wants to hire 99 people

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Client is from Santa Clara, US, has spent more than 60K, has sent about 12,000 invites for this posting, has 5 star  reviews, has hired 320 people......


I declined though.

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If he is setting up a new online learning platform and needs people to test it then it could be completely legitimate.


Questions to ask are how long will the modules take to complete? Is that time worth the pay? Alternatively, you could treat it as development opportunity.

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lol... i also got that invitation... declined instantaneously.

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Community Manager

Hi Prashant,


If you suspect that a job violates Upwork, please flag it and the team will be notified and will review it.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

I am confused.  My post was 'edited per community guidelines" in almost its entirety.  It was a copy paste from the Upwork invitation.  I read the guidelines and still am confused. 

Hi Prashant,


Please, note that sharing private communication is not allowed in the Community. Any information that identifies a job post, such as a direct link to it or exact wording from the post, will be removed as well.

~ Valeria

Anybody seeking to hire "99 people" is not interested in hiring ME specifically.


So that is typically not a job I would be interested in.


But anybody who has spent over $60,000 on hiring people through Upwork is clearly someone who has money and is willing to spend on hiring people.


So if you're open to jobs that may be hiring many people to work on the same task... That kind of track record is something to consider. I wouldn't assume they're a scammer.

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