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Is this a real job it seems DODGY!

I found this job:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

and they sent me a message saying this:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

After that....

They wanted to move to another platform for a call/interview and I was suprised that the session would be on snapchat as this is not a professional meeting place such as zoom, teams or google meet. In snapchat they asked me to say " Hi my name is..." "I'm excited to join" and then show my body. I asked for a website they said they are a start up and so, don't have one yet which is why they're in search for models. I'm unsure whether to move forward or not as this is seeming weird. 

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Contact outside Upwork before a contract is in place is a violation of Upwork's Terms of Service. So right there, this is a big no.

They also said they can conduct through upwork after my hesitance to proceed on snapchat

You cannot communicate outside Upwork before a contract is in place. You don't want your account suspended for this. You have to move on and learn what is allowed or not. You can start with Academy courses.

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Your profile picture does not comply with upwork ToS. Change it and maybe you will be safe from creepers too?

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Report them and their job posting. I have little doubt that they would have used any photos/videos that you sent them for... how to phrase this... less than modest activity or advertising on less than modest websites.

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Any time someone wants you to do anything outside of Upwork it is against the Terms of Service, a scam and can cause your Upwork account to be suspended.  Between the photo and your introduction, it is difficult to see what you offer as a freelancer. "My niche is me."  If you want to be a model or dancer, there are ways you can do that through Upwork. The path you are taking will only get you scammed or in contact with people who are not nice.


Read and follow the Terms of Service, then read this excellent advice from Wes.


Change your entire profile and picture to a professional level. If you don't, you will, as Martina said, only attract creepers.

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