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Is this a scam?

Hi I just received a job offer but I am hesitant to take it. Has anyone else had this offer to work for a gentleman that does accounting and payroll for different companies. He wants me to purchase some checks and fill them out and mail them for him. I thought I read here somewhere that this was a scam. Please if anyone knows of this let me know asap as he is waiting for my information to hire me immediately.


Could you buy some for me too and fill them out and mail them? I'll provide the names and addresses. Let me know so I can create a client account.


Sadly, yes, this is another scam.  I'm sorry you keep getting hit by these guys

Can I make a suggestion?  Maybe tweak your profile title to something other than customer service.  You could focus on your medical billing and medical terminology, as those are very marketable skills.  You can still apply for CS jobs but your profile may not be caught up in the sweeps that scammers do.


Just my two cents, and it might not be beneficial, but it's worth a try.


Yes, the check mailing jobs are scams....unfortunately this happens too much! I had one contact me not long ago.  Declined their offer as soon as I got it.  For me the fun one is all the VA offers I keep getting....have gotten quite a few scams before getting one that seems legit.  The client has been on upwork for a while and has spent quite a bit of $$ on here (including some VAs for people in their company).  


Good luck!  Just make sure you stay on the lookout! Too many people on here trying to make a quick buck at the expense of honest people.


It is more likely a scam, I received several offers in the past which I never even bothered looking at. Just to be on the safe side, always check if the client is a verified payer and check the feedbacks from other freelancers as well. 🙂

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Community Manager

Hi Sherry, 

If you can share with me the specific clients who has offered to send you checks, buy equipement, etc., this will help our team take action against those specific clients. You can send me a private message with their names. I checked your messages and it seems like most of your interviews were done via Google Hangouts, but I'm not sure which ones we need to flag. You may also go to the client account and flag the account as inappropriate so that it automatically goes to the team.

Just the same, I'll send these to the team so that they can check these client accounts further. 

~ Avery
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