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Is this asking for free work?

I received this via direct message - and do not see a mechanism for flagging as innappropriate.

Is this client asking for free work?


I am reaching out from  ___ a digital marketing agency that specializes in using artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique and impactful solutions for our clients.
We are currently looking for top AI specialists to collaborate with us on two to three case studies for free (our marketing services will be free as well). This is an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise, work with a team of experienced marketers, and build a portfolio of case studies that demonstrate the impact of AI on digital marketing.

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Yep, this spamer violating ToS.

You can report message instead of reporting job.

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I believe Upwork Plus / enterprise client can send the Direct message to freelancer before they even post a job. Please refer this link Direct Messages , Direct Message to Freelancer . You must discuss with them the about the job details and offer price. I believe this must not be the free work..

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