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Is this legit?

Hey guys. I wan to ask a question about a job. This job is offering a translation project. they use telegram to inform my work. But they say that the payment is going to be received via bank transfer and not via upworks. Is this legit?

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No, it's a scam.  Any time a "client" asks you to take communication off of Upwork before a contract is in place, and especially when they ask you to accept payment off of Upwork, it's a scam.  Don't break the terms of service.  Read the academy links and learn how to be a freelancer before you get taken advantage of.

So what should i do to make this legit? Should i insist that they proceed the payment through upworks? 

im sorry in advance because im a newbie in this freelance world

You can't make it legit. There is no paying job. It's a SCAM.

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is not legit, probably a scam, if you dont know anything about them there is no reason for you to trust them on it, they should be paying you through upwork only 

Should i insist them to pay through upworks? Im sorry im a newbie in this freelance world

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That's a scam, you should move along to not waste any more time.


Another thread posted today


Hi Handita Astama,


I would like to confirm as others mentioned on this thread. Sharing contact information before a contract has started is against Upwork's Terms of Service and that all communications prior to the contract starting must take place on Upwork.

I also encourage you to let us know if a TOS violation has happened by using the Flag as Inappropriate option throughout the platform. You can learn more about user reporting here.


Since you are new to Upwork I encourage you to check the learning paths in the Academy section to help you understand how to start. Additionally, you may want to check this help article and this thread to help you stay safe on Upwork. 

~ Nikola
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I sent a proposal for the job titled:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I believe this is fraud because they told me to message someone on telegram before any contract was created.  I bid 65 connects for this and I would like a refund on this.  Thank you so much

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


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That is fraud and against Upwork's Terms. Flag the job.

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