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Is this platform getting worse, or am I just unlucky?


I pretty much never use Upwork any more, except for one long-term client, so my apologies if these issues have been raised before. Could someone clarify what the benefits are for a freelancer working from the UK? I hardly ever log in now except to claim payments, and now I see that PayPal payments cost more. I might well have missed that notification. 


My impression, from private discussions with other UK freelancers, is that Upwork is no longer a useful platform for finding work. I'm particularly worried about the implications of Brexit on UK freelancers but can't find any discussions in the forum about that specific issue. 


I'm also concerned that my rating goes up and down seemingly randomly. Could someone contact me about this? I work regularly for one client via Upwork, and don't have any urgent need to apply for the jobs posted because I have regular clients outside the platform.


Any advice would be much appreciated, but advice from UK freelancers would be even better. Should I be upping my marketing efforts outside Upwork, or is it worth persisting here?



Your oscillating JSS is probably just bad luck - way too many jobs have not provided you with any feedback, and your most recent feedback wasn't 5.0.


I'm an early retired systems consultant, and I use upwork to provide some mental stimulation (as well as some funds). Most of my clients are in US / Australia, so the correction in the value of GBP since last June to a more sensible level has been to my benefit.


I'm not interested in obtaining long assignments, or even lots of assignments, so for me online marketplaces are ideal. Upwork, for all its software niggles, is in my opinion way ahead of the conceptially similiar Freelancer and Guru. Over the last five years I have built up a steady collection of clients who value my speedy quality work, and whom regularly provide new assignments.  On the whole I've found the quality of the assignments available on upwork has improved over the last 5 years, and also the proportion of clients who are willing pay US/UK/Australia professional contracting rates and not slave labour rates has increased.


Coming back to the UK perspective ... as a nation we really need to focus on export markets over the next few years, and freelancers such as ourselves can contribute by using sites such as Upwork to service clients across the world.


EDIT:  Whilst paypal charges may have increased, the charge for direct bank transfer to UK bank accounts has halved (now $0.99)  and upwork's exchange rate is similiar to paypal's. Personally I prefer to have funds that need declaring for tax appearing directly in my bank account, rather than getting mixed up amongst ebay transactions in paypal.  By contrast Freelancer charges $25 for withdrawals to UK accounts, so the use of paypal there is pretty much a neccessity unfortunately.

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