Is this really the best you can do? Upwork platform is a shame

I'm just writing that post to say about the poor platform and service that Upwork provides.


The user Experience it's a complete mess and not just on freelancer side but most important on client side. The time needed to manage a project here is huge and even more for clients.


This obviously plays against freelancers but also against Upwork as some of the clients ask to take the projects out of Upwork due they find impossible to manage the outstanding mess that Upwork provides.


Messaging is caos, UX is terrible, support is poor, and project management through the platform is ridiculous.


Maybe you can provide a better service, don't you?


I've just brought over a client from Elance (okay, so maybe he brought himself over) and we're messaging to and fro across the time zones (great, 'cause he wakes up to read my messages when I'm half way through the working day) and we're having a lot of fun (I think). I also hired here last month and had no major issues. A nice new feature is the currency conversion rate being stated on the email message confirming a bank transfer.

I find the client side very easy to work with. Simple and straight forward. 

Yes, super-simple and intuitive.. this is why they are getting crazy.


*I assume you're not dealing with clients on Upwork if you said so.


+ remember that some clients have serios troubles when managing digital stuff (they don't have to be used with) and so instead making things easy you make it tough. (excellent!)


By instance on Elance we never found a truble of this kind with a client but also we had the ability to manage milestones, terms and other stuff on their behalf.. not anymore!


Also if a client open a contract and makes a mistake, we can't deal with that, the only solution is to close the contract and open a new one (all of this on clients side)... but this is very easy to work with.


Again and for your record some of those clients find so difficult and useless to manage the projects here that ask us to take them from Upwork.. not just with us, this is happening with all freelancers I know here, but hey, very friendly UX!