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Is this right?

I was offered a interview - but when we got the interview I was asked for personal details (name, phone, location), but I only gave my name. As the interview went on, I was told that I was hired (went through about 15 minutes being told about the company)- I was then probed for my address to send a check so that I can buy office equipment (no paperwork for me to sign prior, I was just going to be apparently sent a check with no agreement first). After I said I would buy the equipment on my own because I didn't feel safe doing that without an agreement first (new odesk user and no feedback) - after I explained my concerns, I was never replied back to. Maybe this could be added the list of things to watch out for? Flags?

Hi Erin, This is a known scam, please report to Customer Support and provide all details so that appropriate action can be taken. Thanks!
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