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Issue sending a message

Hello, I have experienced a bug with a client contacting me about a job proposal, me replying to him and the message showing up in the conversation history but receiving no reply. I thought the client was not interested anymore and I kept checking on the conversation so I am pretty sure the message was sent from my side. The message was sent on the mobile application.

Once I went on the web application, the message disappeared and I found out that the message was never sent for some reason... then I went on the mobile application and to my surprise, there was no message sent.


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I had the same issue once too, in exactly the same situation (detailed proposal).

Except I sent the message from the website, saw it there and on my Android app, then found out it was gone the next day.

And I too was wondering why I didn't hear back haha. 😀 Had to redo the whole thing.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David, and Mikko,


David, one of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket so that this can be investigated further.


Mikko, could you please send us more information about when this happened so that we can check and assist you too?

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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