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Issue with client's bank account setup in accounting software



I have a bookkeeping issue with a client of mine where I was advising him on the setup of some bank accounts at the start of this year. His bank accounts were going to be domiciled in Singapore but he told me that he calculate every transaction in USD currency. So I told him to setup the accounts in USD currency. 


Now he has pointed out that all three accounts were created as USD bank accounts but in reality the banks are in USD, EUR, SGD currencies. I told that he will have create the foreign currency bank accounts as EUR and SGD and import in the transactions into these foreign currency accounts. He said that it was my fault because I created the bank accounts in USD currency in the first place. But when I checked our Upwork message conversations, I saw that he created the bank accounts because he sent me a screenshot of the bank accounts after he created them. 


I was wondering if I should point him to those conversations to show him that he told me that the transactions were all calculated in USD currency and I advised him to create USD accounts based on his initial information (in hindsight, I think that he initially misinformed me because he has multi-currency accounts and the foreign transactions are converted)

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This is not an Upwork question.

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This is not an Upwork question.

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This is about communication, client management, how to avoid or clear up misunderstandings that can lead to bad feedback. These are essential skills for a freelancer. Nobody here can do that for you.  

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