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Issue with reoccurring ads on job feed


I have recently been dealing with a problem for some time that's really affecting my work schedule.


I keep seeing reoccurring posts that take up my whole feed. Theyre all the same but different. I have attached photos for reference. 

They all have some similar characteristics as you can see that they all have the '@gmail.com in the description. They do not look like legitimate ads. 

I am wondering if it's an issue with my account? Is Upwork preventing me from seeing ads/ am I possibly shadow banned? The reason I say this is because it only seemed to start happening after I accepted 3 different jobs from customers and had to give them back uncompleted as I got caught up with other work. 

I wonder if this is the issue? 

If anyone has any idea please let me know. Could really do with the help.


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It's nothing to do with you personally, these job ads are a big problem this last couple of months. They're all scams. If you reply, they'll pretend you need to pay a fee ("security deposit", etc.) before you start. Then they disappear with your money. You need to remember not to make any payments to anybody. It's against the site's terms of service, apart from the fact that your money will be stolen.

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Fake jobs filling up your whole feeds instead of real jobs is bad.

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Filter them out in advanced search



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