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Issues getting access to my account - profile

I have had issues getting access to my account - profile !

Why upwork and google keep doing this ... "Using new device"

No I have not been using any new device!

Not been able to reset a password Is too TOO BAD!!

asking questions that ere not relevant, like day and time of my last TRANSACTION ! with Upwork ...

since I have not had any transaction yet!

Not been able to Get a new Security question updated, because I could not answer  mine ... Not been able to access an account for over an HOUR !!! what is wront WHAT IS IT W r o n g!!!


>>> ???????????? instead doing this easier You are doing this very very crazy an it is not friendly, funny but very uncomfortable and your support is like NOt thta good eother

So, would I be able to get my Profile or NOT? OWuld I be able to Uodate PAssword Or not?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Francisco,


A member of our team reached out to you already via email and is awaiting for your response. Kindly check the inbox of the email you used to register your Upwork account and follow up with our agent. Once they have more information about the issue you’re experiencing, our agent will assist you accordingly.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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