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It boggles my mind how Upwork - who makes millions - has so many bugs.

- support ticket website not working (cant open a the ticket page):





- cant leave feedback on a contract that a client has closed (which is a known bug for many weeks, months. but still hasnt been fixed).


- Direct Contract has a bug. if you click on "Continue" it wont continue, load:



- "Get Support" is bot-driven and wont offer you to talk to a real person.


- Community Forum and especially Email Support is full of AI-enabled bots replying to your requests in an unsatisfying way leaving you desperate with your request.


all of these are critical issues that should be fixed.


everybody knows this site is buggy. but everybody also knows that Upwork is the biggest on the market. and Upwork knows this.


let's see if the quality of this site will increase in the future.

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Hi Hasan,

I looked at your previous posts. I understand that you are frustrated.

Based on my experiences, the agents who answered you are not AI-enabled bots, though they often sounds like some. Sometimes I saw that they made some typos. 😄

About the "Get support" button, I used it a few times. You must type something like "real agent" or "contact support", and they will send you into the queue (there's a button for it too if you go through all the bot-question process, but I didn't remember exactly how). Sometimes I got contacted to the agent immediately, but sometimes I had to wait for about 20 minutes. (there were 3-4 people in the queue before me)


"real agent" does not work:



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a few months ago you could request a support ticket via chatbot. that is not available anymore.

Sorry, I didn't see your reply. Hope it's not too late. I captured the conversation I made to get to support:

Artboard 1.png

Hi, maybe I found the reason:

When I use the chatbox in this link, it worked:



When I use the chatbox in the community, it doesn't work.

I don't know why, but it's it.

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They don't 'make' millions. They 'lose' millions. Every year.

But, I do agree any bugs should be fixed.

Upwork's CEO is paid $11 million a year and the rest of the executive team have pretty nice compensation packages as well. Also, Upwork is a publicly traded company. I don't give a hoot in hell how much Upwork is making (or not) a year, they have an obligation to paying customers (i.e. all of us) to provide an acceptable level of service quality. 

Gergana K wrote:

Upwork's CEO is paid $11 million a year... 

Wow. If they can pay that, they should be able to afford some way of getting rid of all the fake jobs that are making the site look like a spam farm. It would cost maybe $100,000 a year to pay staff to monitor all jobs 24/7. Better still, and cheaper, would be to make freelancers pass a test on the basics of recognising scams. 

Not better, but it would help. They do to do both.

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Gergana K wrote:

Upwork's CEO is paid $11 million a year

Where do you get that from? The data I can find report a fairly small fraction of that.

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I'm finding it almost impossible to use Upwork currently.


A week ago when trying to leave feedback for several freelancers whose contracts had ended, I was presented with the now widely reported "window.IGLOO.getBlackbox is not a function" error. Given Upwork's role in connecting developers with expertise in these areas, I was surprised that such an obvious error wasn't picked up before going into production.


For the last two days I've been unable to use the Linux Upwork chat client - it just spins aimlessly instead of showing me any messages. I have  to log in via the website which is impractical and not easy to keep up with ongoing conversations.


Just now I tried to update a to-do for a contractor and was shown a new error - [object Object]. I've attached a screenshot for reference.


Although frustrated, I thought I'd report the bug(s) and not make much of it. However, when logging into the support centre I was blocked on the basis that I'm being rate limited. I had to connect to another site via VPN just to create this post.


What's the deal with all of this? We're talking about very basic things that I need acecss to (and pay for) in order to be able to use Upwork for its intended purpose.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Simon,

Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies to see if the issue persists?


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Which issue?


The Linux chat client not working is not related to a cookie/cache problem. I've tried reinstalling the app but it makes no difference. Interestingly one of the contractors I'm working with said (without knowing I was having an issue) that he was experiencing the same issue on Mac.


The rate limiting is IP specific but no longer affecting me.


The other two issues appear to be backend bugs. I can't test these without performing the associated actions (modifying to-dos and leaving feedback) which I currently don't wish to do. I will let you know if there are any issues when I next do either of these things.





Hi Simon,


I've shared your concern with the team and a Customer Support Team member has reached out to you through this support ticket to assist you further with your concern.

~ Luiggi
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hehe. Luigi and Andrea. You guys make the "dead internet" theory look real.


do you have anything other to say than those copy-pasted pre-scripted text snippets?

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