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It doesn't add up

I have been an active Upwork member since 2012. 


My profile has over 1k hours billed on Upwork, 5 star rating and 100% success rate. 


Sounds great right ? 




Upwork has gone through core changes recently. The platform has changed its name and many of its features. 


Initially I welcomed this change. But today I understand that something is not right . 


There has been a SHARP decrease in the no. of potential customers who are replying to my bids. I would even say that during the month of September , after sending over 40 bids to project opportunities , none has even contacted me to ask a question, to engage in initial discussions, not to mention , hire me. 


You might say it's my rate. Ok , so just for testing , I reduced my rate SHARPLY . The basic rule of economy : the lower the price is, the higher is the demand, right ? 




Not on Upwork . Still ZERO replies . 


I must add that many of the projects I bid on,  are a PERFECT match to me and my team's quality, experience and know -how. 


Hence the disappointment. I can't put my finger on what's wrong. What I can clearly write is that something is not working well in the Upwork market place. Something is broken. I suggested in the past that it might have to do with the automatic hidden feature offered by Upwork (TERRIBLE feature) . I really don't know. 


What I do know is that I am deeply disappointed by the system as it simply doesn't converge to a top rated engineer . I don't even want to think how other providers who are newbies feel like when trying to win projects. 



Sorry Upwork, this is one unhappy , non satisfied , leading provider in your platform . 




Hello Evi,


I noticed a quite similar drop in responses during the last month and also suspect the hidden feature to be at least a part of the problem.

My suggestion to UpWork: Please let us freelancers know when one of our proposals has been automatically hidden!


Best Regards



Same thing happening to me also.


Hi Guys,

It may be due to the fact that Upwork has recently (Probably in start of September) provided the option for Elance guys to move their profile with ratings to Upwork. So, it may be the reason that freelancers have increased rapidly that has caused the low success rate for any existing Upwork freelancer. 

I have also moved from Elance to Upwork in this week.

Just sharing my thoughts. 




I've been experiencing similiar issues. I have had a whopping 3 or 4 invites in the last 60 days. (for jobs that were not related to any of my listed skills). I'm top rated, 5 Star feedback and 100% JSS and have 99 hours billed with 110 jobs completed. I also got a message saying that my profile was reviewed and that it was an excellent example of how a profile should appear.  Yet I got a response for 4 or 5 proposals in the last 60 days. I realize competition is tough, and that a lot of factors come into play. But I see clients hiring people in my field that have 0 hours and often I see multiple people that don't even list skill sets for the job posting being invited by clients to apply for jobs that are in my area. I can't help but feel that between the "hidden" feature and the completely unreliable freelancer search function, that I am somehow not getting through to clients. Could just be that I'm rationalizing or deflecting the blame onto the system, but it really seems as if there is something amiss.


It would be interesting to know who gets hired on these new job postings if the top rated freelancers aren't even considered.


One man's loss is another man's gain, they say. Let's find out who that "another man" is.