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It's a SCAM!

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Marti C Member Since: Aug 20, 2018
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OMG, This just happened to me on Friday. I replied to an e-mail for **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I had an interview on HangOut with **Edited for Community Guidelines**. that wes on 08/17/2018. Then **Edited for Community Guidelines** messaged me on Hangout and sent an offer letter to me stating that I needed all the software that everyone states.  I would be making 34.75 an hour, but that they would be sending me a check for all home office equiment.  I have all paperwors they sent pluse copies of offer letter, conversioneverything.  What should I do MOW???

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Marti,

I`m sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact our customer support and share the job posting URL along with the evidence directly with our team. Our team will investigate this further and take proper actions, thank you.

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Monette R Member Since: Oct 3, 2018
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Oh my god!i accidentally found this and had exactly the same thing happend to me today.he really trying to push me that he will never scam me and hes trying to be a good person and hate the word scam..seriously,no one will believe on him.they dont have a website and not even mentioning the name of the vendor.everyhting is a fake,no company will send u a laptop to do the never believe on that person..
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Kyle O Member Since: Nov 15, 2018
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He started another account as **edited for Community Guidelines**. But now he is claiming that he will cover the cost of the supplies by issueing you a check, which he'll send by email, and tell you to print out and try to deposite it into your account with a mobile app by taking a picture of it. I have attached pics of what he sent me. Upwork also deleted his account a day after we began the "interview". The check is a fake. The phone number and address are real, but are in two totally diferent states. The account and Routing numbers are made-up numbers according to a currency exchange I went to to confirm this. I almost got charged with a felony today, be careful people!

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Kyle O Member Since: Nov 17, 2018
65 of 100 has edited my post, and blotted out his name for some reason, and also removed the picture of the fake check for some reason. I have already deleted the check, so I cannot upload another image, but his alias he used was **Edited for community guidelines** (probably going to be blotted out again by Upwork which is endangering the whole community here!).


(If any one is curious as to why I have two Upwork accounts, it is because I can't be both a freelancer and an employer in the same account, so I was required to to create seperate accounts, one for each. I am a business owner trying to find other people's paperwork to add to my own duties, as well as find business partners FYI, thanks.)

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Kyle,


Please note that your posts have been edited on this thread for Community Guidelines

You can be a client and a freelancer using the same account.  To create Client account on your existing account, please go to your account settings and select My Teams tab on the left. Once you do, please select Create New Account button and you should be able to add a client account to your existing account. You'll then be able to easily switch between the two accounts under the same login and hire freelancers. Check out this help article for more information.

~ Bojan
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Kyle O Member Since: Nov 17, 2018
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Okay, thank you for the information on the account mater. But it is a danger to the whole community by retaining crucial information pertaining to scamers. By keeping these people in the dark makes them succeptible to being scammed. You guys need to change those community guidleines of yours, thanks.

Kyle Owens @ Game Master

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Kyle O wrote:

But it is a danger to the whole community by retaining crucial information pertaining to scamers. By keeping these people in the dark makes them succeptible to being scammed. You guys need to change those community guidleines of yours, thanks.


 The details you shared were false. You don't honestly believe those scammers use their real names, do you?

Furthermore, that scam is one of the oldest and dumbest and most obvious ones on the Internet. It has been around for a minimum of 15 years. It is not "a danger to the whole community" - "The whole community" - with very few exceptions, wouldn't fall for nonsense like that. Those people who are "innocent" enough to fall for it won't see your post until it is too late.

Anyone even remotely savvy knows that it is a scam long before they are sent a check.

You posting names of real people who have nothing at all with this old scam doesn't help anyone.


Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Kyle and Petra,


Some of your comments have been edited or removed from this thread as they were in violation of Community Guidelines. Please, refrain from posting comments that include personal attacks and accusations.


Additionally, I've checked and the team has already taken actions against the job and the account in question for violating Upwork ToS. Please, see this post for more information on how to avoid scams.

~ Valeria
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Sara J Member Since: Jun 27, 2016
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I just came across that same scam.  Here is the software package they wanted me to buy:


MYOB business essentials software 2017, For Peach Tree premium

For Peach Tree premium 2017 US Patent Single Users Pack, Adobe Photoshop 2016, Adobe Acrobat 2017, Ariba 2017, ASP 2017, CSS 2017, Dreamweaver 2017, HTML 2017, Illustrator 2017, Microsoft Access 2017, Microsoft Excel 2017, Microsoft Word 2017, MySQL 2017, PHP 2017, UNIX 2017, XML 2017, Vendor Management 7 2017, MacBook Pro - the model with a 13-in. screen and 2.4GHz chip.


Red Flags from the get go.  We freelancers need more tools and info at our disposal to screen clients.  They can search our info...why can't we search theirs?  Why aren't they required to maintain a profile, have a photo, go through verification calls to prove they are who they are like we do?????