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It says Pending where there is suppose to be a date

I have to ask this question. Normally when I get paid I noticed there is a date on the left side in Transaction History letting me know when funds become available. A client just paid me multiple times and the first payment has a date on the left side but the rest of them say Pending on the left side. Is that normal or does the client have to manually approve the funds? I'm kind of confused about this because I never seen it befoe.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tony,


Upon checking, I see the payments you're referring to were issues as a bonus an hour ago. It's possible those payments haven't cleared yet on your client's end and that's why the availability date is not shown on your end. These payments need a bit more time to clear since they were not pre-funded like your first payment, which was released from Escrow.


Thanks. So when the funds clear, will they automatically be released to me or does the client have to manually release them?

Hi Tony,


Bonus payments are processed in the same way as other payments on Fixed-Price contracts. No manual approval is necessary and if your client has enough balance available in their account, you should see a due date soon on your recent payments. If you don't, please contact Customer Support. Note that bonus payments are not covered by Upwork Payment Protection.