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Italian Freelancers- Paying taxes

Hi everybody!


I use odesk as a second work, just to help in paying bills, so I already pay taxes for my "main" work in Italy.


Anybody can tell me how do I pay taxes for this second income? And how much it would be taxed?


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Daniele,


Thank you for your question. I would recommend you consult with a local legal advisor in Italy. Tax laws differ from country to country and situations can be different as well.

I hope you will be able to quickly figure out the best way to declare your oDesk income and pay taxes on it.

~ Valeria

As tax laws differ in every country, I agree with Valeria - you should find a tax advisor in Italy. I would guess it's up to you to declare the extra income  - oDesk produce a few reports for this purpose, although at the moment I think you can only generate a certificate of income for the 365 previous days. This means (at least in my (Irish) case, if you need to declare for the calendar year, you have to go to your computer on Dec 31 to produce and print the report for the year.


Bear in mind though that this is only a statement of income to you from oDesk - they have no part in the taxation process (unless you're an American citizen). This is only my Irish vierw on it - presumably you'll get some responses from other Europeans that may be more helpful.



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I would have the same question about Italian tax laws regarding this 'extra income' earned in Upwork. Anyone have a recommendation of a tax advisor to contact? Any updates on how this works?

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