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Its after a while that I am back on Upwork

Hello guys


Its after a  gap that I am back on Up work. And as such I don't see my JSS score or Rising Talent badge (which was there initially on my profile)...


However, my previously completed works and customer reviews are available to look at.


And I guess, will have to start from scratch all over again to make up for the score and the badge??


So this is my query.


Thank you


And have a nice day everyone


Hi Vinod,


Welcome back to Upwork! Considering you've been away for a while, I'd recommend that you visit our Upwork Academy page where you'll find a number of courses to help you get familiar with the platform.


Regarding your JSS question, it's likely that don't have enough outcomes over the past 24 months. Because we look at trends over a 24-month period, you can see your score change, even without recently closed contracts, due to past jobs slipping out of the 24-month window. You can find more information under the "Why did my JSS change?" section in this article.


Lastly, the Rising Talent badge is automatically assigned when a freelancer meets the requirements listed here. Once you qualify for the badge, you will receive a notification letting you know, and it will also reflect on your profile.

~ Luiggi
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Welcome Back!

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