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JOB posted 1 hour ago even if it is just posted, Only 1 job posted every 2-3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!helpPP

Good Evening upwork Community,


I was having a problem with the job posting times on the (My job Feed) page, It says job posted 1 hour ago even if it is just posted 4 mintues ago for example any job that is posted under one hour time it says posted 1 hour ago I made a post and a guru told me to try the *(Find jobs) toolbar I clicked and and do search for jobs of my niche which is video production and got the same jobs and results that was on the (My job Feed) page and again job posted 1 hour ago even it is just posted by the client that problem number ONE!



Second problem, it is now 2 days it has never happened that approx. Only 1 job posted every 2-3 hours, I don't know if that is a bug or something like that or maybe these 2 days client post less jobs I really don't know but what let me say it is maybe a bug or problem is due to my first problem mentioned above.


Here is a Screenshot: 2,4,6.png


Please helpPP!


Shehab A.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shehab, 

I'm unable to replicate your issue. Have you tried basic troubleshooting steps such as clearing your cache and cookies? Let us know so that we can look into this further.

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Thanks you for responding, i have 2 issues as i mentioned above

first: Job posting times, just check out this screenshot and you will understand what i mean

31 min.png



My second problem, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE NOW , it has been 2 days now and only very very few jobs I can find either on the My job feed page or at  Find work toolbar, I think it is an issue

I called a friend of mine who is working in the same niche as mine here on Upwork and saw that he is able to see more jobs that I can not see without any filters its just the (My job feed) page...




I was last online 11 hours ago and then wake up and logged into Upwork and only 3 jobs are posted!!!!

It must be a problem! Please help




and yes I tried many thing i tried cleaning cache and cookies, i tried logging into Upwork from my mobile I tried from other computer ,, it is still a problem in my account


I need help please




Shehab A.

Hi Shehab,


Is this also happening when you try to check using a different browser?

~ Joanne

yes am using Firefox I tried Google Chrome, Opera even Interner browser

Hi Shehab,


Time stamps on job postings and in search update at different rate and it's possible that the job search is updated with a slight delay. 


As for your other concern, you may need to save more searches or expand them in order to see more jobs in your Job Feed.

~ Valeria


I have the same problem.

It show that the job was posted 1 hour ago though it was just posted.

I have tried so many things such as clearing cookies, private browser mode but everything doesn't work.

How can I fix this?

Hope to get solution asap.

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