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JSS 59%

Hello guys.

I have a question.

How I can increase my JSS from 59% what should I do?

Would be thankful for an answer.



Because Now I can't get any clients, and my freelance career gets damaged by this.

If you had the same situation please tell me what to do.


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Only one way here: more jobs with 5+ feedback. Some clients dont care about JSS, so create good cover and apply.

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The only way, as Mykola stated, is to win more jobs and complete them by doing fabulous work that should generate great feedback. Longer term contracts can help boost your JSS, but doing great work--short- or long-term contracts--is the best way to increase your score.


Here is more information about how the JSS Is Calculated.

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Have you thought about improving your skills? Maybe take some design courses?

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