JSS- Again!


Yesterday (its 6am here in Bali)  I found out I was in the Top Rated bracket. I am pretty pleased with myself as I have worked **bleep** hard getting where I am. Anybody can get there with diligence, hard work and understanding all the rules and regulations. It seems a lot of people are finding things tough at the moment but just hang in there.


I digress........


So before bed last night I had a quick check of my stats that were last updated on 29th November

JSS is 93%, Star rating is 4.93. 100% of clients would hire me again - All looking good.


This morning when I turn my computer on, my JSS is 93%. My star rating is 4.83 and 95% of clients would hire me again???


Once again I find myself scratching my head as to what has happened in the 6 hours I was asleep? My stats were last updated 29th November?


Can anybody explain this or has this happened to you?

Were thr powers that be all on acid when they came up with this system?


(Scratching head)



Thanks for that

All the stats on the "My Stats" page are not updated at the same time. Some are updated with time, others by occurrences.

There are also the rare occasions where there is a change in the calculation or some other factor, and you will see a platform-wide change, days into the cycle.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Thanks for the reply

My JSS clearly states last updated 29th November. Surely a change in the quantum einstein hawking equation that is then put onto my stats and therefore changes the numbers constitutes an update?  So why then does it say stats are updated every 2 weeks when clearly they are not, just when someone puts money in the machine and turns the handle!

To expound a bit, the JSS is updated every 2 weeks "normally".

It wasn't the JSS that was changed but the other stats. I believe the star rating updates once the job closed shows up*. While the 'recommendation' updates ever 4/5 jobs (cant remember the exact figure).

Someone else can clarify the exact number.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

So what you are saying is that basically the calculations are done at different times? As if this wasn't complicated enough!


Regarding my sudden and unexplained drop in some of my numbers, I recently completed 2 contracts, one fixed and the other hourly. Both left me 5 star feedback. 


Please feel free to check my profile out, and it would be great if someone could give me a clue as to why 5% suddenly dropped in my hire status and several 0.points on my star rating??


Many thanks


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Everybody wins! WOO HOO! (snark)

Technically it is a cron job running in the background.  Due to some reasons that job may be scheduled to run late.


Nothing to worry.