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Re: JSS Discrepancy

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Piush P Member Since: Apr 29, 2015
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First I would like to say a big thanks that you have looked into my case. For further acknowledgement I would like to inform you that they did not correct yet... still I am very disappointed that how my one bad private feedback can deducted 14% of JSS even it was a stupid mistake by my client becuase he forgot about my life killing illness. As I stated before that 15 days ago my JSS was 100% (non stop since 16+ weeks) why only one bad thing can kick me out from top rated tag??? Is my 5+ years hard work was nothing?

The second thing, after this issue I had completed 4 existing projects where each clients were very happy and as you can see that 2 days ago one of client is going to awarded another his huge work with me + other clients are also discussing with me to do his another work... so I was thinking that after these 4 projct's rating it wil heal up my pain but they increased only 2% by last JSS cycle??? what is it criteria where one bad thing reducing 14% and 4 positive things gave only 2%???


As you know I am working here as a lead level and usually I do a very complex and huge projects since 5+ years but this issue is downgrading my whole career. You can also examined that I have recently loosed a very big opportunity becuase one of my new client was almost agree to start his work with me as per $5k but he ignored me and gave this work to other becuase he said I have very less percentage. If you are saying it is right calculation than please explain me why my JSS was 100% before till 16+ weeks???

Look forward to hear you...

- Piush