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JSS Policy = Lesser work possibility / Higher Contract Suspension

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Joeric A Member Since: Nov 12, 2014
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I know others have considered it important as well.


Due to the recent implementation of JSS, we (Freelancers) are now facing new struggles instead of having a good environment to work and market our service.  We are left with two options:


1. to continue working while we can and;

2. wait for the suspension of our account (due to low JSS)


It's a big NO for me. 

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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@Joeric A wrote:


It's a big NO for me. 

So you're quitting because you don't like the policy?


I've hired on Upwork multiple times with varying rates.  It's a crap-shoot and if Upwork has any chance of retaining clients, then they need to purge the freelancers that aren't performing well. 


I've managed to find two freelancers, out of 85 hires, that were any good.  There were a few that were okay, and that's totally fine.  Feelancers who said that they understood, and could do the job, but in the end you find out that the work is just junk.  Freelancers who are just scammers.  Freelancers who milk the clock and don't produce much of anything.  These people gotta go.


The same with clients who are over-demanding and pay next to nothing.  They gotta go.


Everyone with any merit should stay.  Simple as that.


A suspension isn't the end of the world.  They have a chance to recover. The JS scoring system seems fair to me.