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JSS Score decreasing

Hello Upwork team,


I'm a freelancer here for almost 4 yrs. now. I have worked with different clients and mostly received positive feed backs and ended successfully in my projects.


I just have a concern regarding my JSS score. It was 86% before but when I checked earlier, it dropped to only 80%. It worried me because I became more active this year, worked with 3 clients all with successful outputs but still my JSS Score decreased .


I work hard to increase my JSS score to attract more potential clients. But I fear that if it kept on decreasing (for reasons I do not know) I may end up as a failure in my freelance career. And I do not want that to happen.


Would you be so kind to assist me with this matter so that I could continue to work on Upwork and contribute more to the online marketplace. I'll greatly appreciate the actions you would take regarding this issue.


Hoping for you positive response regarding this matter. All the best!

Gerald G.

Community Member

Dont worry. Try to get some smaller projects and finish them quickly and get 5 * feedbacks and your JSS will go up. 

What happened to that one job which is still open from October where you've earned $40? If it is idle for a long time, it will also affect your JSS.

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