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JSS decrease with no contracts ending these past two weeks, last feedback from 4 months ago

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bharti s Member Since: May 3, 2010
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There have been some Glitch with JSS ! My agency Droped 11% job success with nothing major change in past few weeks and my dropped 10% with no change . 

and you will be surprised my friend changed from TOP RATED to 35% how this is even possible ?

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Nino Sherwin P Member Since: Jun 28, 2015
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This also happened to me. No ended contracts since the last update. Mine was from 98% to 75%, but the TOP Rated badge is still showing on my profile. Is this a glitch?

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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This is not funny and I'm not the only one this happened to, and now how I wish I had taken a JS screenshot yesterday when it was 98% after being 99% for many months because just now my JS is 97%. I certainly hope it's not going to drop 1% every day. I was going to take a screenshot & send it to CS but decided they're very busy right now so I didn't but now I'm taking a screenshot everyday so I can document any changes to my JS.


I created another ticket and I don't care how busy CS is, from my understanding it should be impossible for JS to drop in back-to-back days.

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Una D Member Since: Aug 6, 2015
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Hi  John, 

I have the  same problem. My JSS was 89% last two weeks, and yesterday was 93%, but my Top rated badge (I have 15/16 eligible weeks, also) was not there.


I contacted support, and after 3 generic responses and my reply that I havent asked that, I got answer that my JSS is 89% and not 93% !!! And really, now it shows 89% again. So its been changed two times in one day.


I really pay attention to my JSS score every week and I am absolutely sure it was 93% and not 89%, thats why I contacted support. I havent done any screenshots as I thought there is no reason for that, but I will do that in the future!!

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Una, sorry to hear that. Support has escalated my issue at least so if I learn anything I'm allowed to share, I will post it here.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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My job success score went down 96-89 within 2 weeks. There is no contract started and begin in this duration. I have been enjoying top-rated position continuously for the last year or so.. 


Can someone help me what happened? 


Is this not ridiculus? 


Is there any logic behind it?


Hoping to hear you soon, 


Best Regards



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John Kimwell L Member Since: May 7, 2015
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Same here as well. From 91 it went to 81 when in fact I had several good contracts done over the past weeks.

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Pankaj S Member Since: Feb 10, 2010
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Same here, Till 11th June I was on 92% with Top Rated Agency, but after Sunday's Review they put me on 75% and removed from Top Rated.


But the fact is that during these 15 days, 3-4 contracts were ended with 5* rating and good feedback, and I was expecting rating from 92% to 94-95%.


UpWork Team need to check this issue, it may be Bug but if it is Bug then why this is? Attached are screenshots.

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bharti s Member Since: May 3, 2010
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I have many Paused contracts Either clients have dissappeared or they have paused it because they might have work for me in future . Is my Jss Affecting because of this ? If yes it is big trouble . 

Because even if i end the paused contract many clients are not available to leave feedback and i will end up with zero feedback score which will problem for me too . 

I don't understand what these people are trying to build.  There is no carrer stablity in here . They have made this platform so diffcult to work with .  It was never a case when i started with Odesk in 2010 .  Today or tommorrow experienced freelancer are gonna leave either because their JS will drop suddenly and they don't know what went wrong , or they will not be able to secure any job because there are less good jobs now.

They need to understand this, Js does not refelect how capable we are to deliver the project it just happened to me . I delivered 3-4 contract with all 5 stars ratings and my JS dropped from 100% to 90% to 80% to 70% now . Even if client have marked all great feedback(5 star ) at front end and what they doing in private section we don't know . 

it does not mean we have not given them what they ask us to deliver . Although they mark you 5 star in public because their job is delivered than how come the private feedback gonna drop the Js score  than and even if it drops you have no idea what was wrong in work you delivered. you approach client and ask, You marked me less score because there was something incomplete or left undone. They End up saying they marked the perfect feedback and don't know how this happend. End of the story you can not correct if you don't know what is incorrect or wrong .


This system is so diffcult and poor and it feels like temporpary platform to make living now . It was never like it but upwork and new managment have ruined it .  Eventually it gonna affect them one day because their bussiness is depended upon Us ( Freelancers ) 

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Allen E H Member Since: Feb 12, 2016
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I have to agree the metrics are close to useless.   


My frustration stems from 1 job that dropped me from 92 to 85 3 weeks ago .... It was a nightmare client that i went above and beyond to help , and that did not matter they still complained.  Now to Upworks credit. they agreed to remove that job from my scoring because it was so obviously wrong and completely out of line, but for some reason, it takes like 6 weeks to remove this from my record.  So I was very annoyed, I mean I really tried hard to help this guy out but, to be frank, he was a totally unreasonable **Edited for Community Guidelines** who I stayed up all night trying to fix his corrupt file, which wasn't what he hired me to do, but it is still what he needed the next morning... I was running late and he got an attitude.  So I should have just cancelled the contract but being a nice guy I go over the top in helping him out and i get penalised for doing it.


that was my first frustration, I mean losing the top rated badge affects how my quotes are reviewed, it is obvious.  Like many freelancers, i had several contracts where the client just has not closed the contract yet.  If i had been on them to close them it might have kept this from happening but i did not realize i needed to , due to the lack of meaningful feedback from the rating system.


Now the previous week I had one contract close with negative marks as described above. Upwork says they will delete that in a few weeks. So I accept that at this point .... it was all i could do. The following week, I decide to do some housecleaning and I was able to get two of my clients to close their completed but still open contracts.  I get two stellar write ups with 5.0 stars and all the right words in the feedback.  


Now in the past 3 weeks, I have had the one bad mark contract and two stellar 5.0 contracts closed.  The bad contract took my score from 92 to 85.   So now with the two great contracts closed, my score this weekend went from 85 to 93.  Ok fine, I am a happy camper.


Tuesday comes around, just one day after getting the 93% score, and they drop it down to 87%!!  I loose my top rated badge again.


After talking with support they say the 87% is correct!!! I am a bit confused now and somewhat irritated over this whole thing ... I'm waiting for an answer now ....... Upwork, can you explain why 1 contract took me from 92% to 85% three weeks ago and since then i closed 2 contracts with great marks and i only got a 2% up tick ? does that make any sense at all?


If you tell me that the 2 contracts were not as good as i think then you have a serious problem here on upwork because your feedback system doesn't work. As a freelancer, i might as well be playing "pin the tail on the donkey", the metrics are useless in identifying what needs to be improved and why that's the case.


What is the point of a blind feedback system ... it's the most inefficient way to manage any sort of continuous improvement plan....   Yet it affects how often my bids are reviewed and how much quality work I can win.

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