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JSS decrease with no contracts ending these past two weeks, last feedback from 4 months ago

Community Guru
Muhammad I Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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Well, Mine and my Agency Contractors profiles are still not updated with corrected JSS. When do I get the notification?

Community Guru
Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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I didn't open a ticket. But I noticed yesterday that my JSS had been calculated on June 14. I would suggest that if your JSS has not been recalculated since Saturday/Sunday you may not be seeing your corrected JSS. 

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


The issue should be fixed for most of you and correct JSS should be displayed. We are going to double check with the team and will post a confirmation shortly.


Thank you very much for your patience.

~ Valeria
Lena E Moderator Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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The issue has been resolved. All affected profiles have been updated with the correct score.



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Autonu K Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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 Hello Lena,


Yes Just I can see that JSS is updated. But it is not corrected.  It was my previous JSS. My JSS is not improved. It should be improved. Because my two clients ended two long contract and they gave me good feedback with nice comment review And again start new contract. Please fix my JSS again and review my profile. Thank you. 

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Milos R Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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No it HASN'T! My JSS score still hasn't been updated! It still says 83%, it still says the previous update date of day or two ago! But you probably won't fix this, and I'm STUCK AGAIN with this score, after working so hard to get it up. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Now I won't get hired for ANOTHER two weeks, and god knows what will happen in the meantime... If I get another drop for no reason at all, that's goodbye work for me.... :/

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Zeyana S Member Since: Jan 21, 2016
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Ace Contributor
Anton F Member Since: Jun 15, 2015
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After I had a huge drop of JSS, I've contacted the support to get the info, why it happened, they said because I have paused contract. So, I decided close it by myself, and after JSS recalculation I have lower JSS than before.


I understand, that it happened because of my force-close-contract, but where is my fault if support service is disinformed me. Now I've lost top-rated badge and can't even delete the closed work with new announced perk.

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Kristen H Member Since: Apr 11, 2016
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Well, I had my first big disappointment with JSS. I am top rated and had a 100% JSS. 


Some clients were so happy with my work that they left contracts open in case they needed me again. 


Suddenly, my score DROPS FROM 100% TO 90%, just because of those open contracts due to client satisfaction. All feedback is positive and 100% of clients recommend me. 


Customer support was not helpful and just reiterated that the idle contracts affect the score. Why are clients allowed to keep them open, then? What have I possibly done wrong for my score to drop 10 points? Very disappointed. 

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Jasenka A Member Since: Jun 13, 2016
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Mine's still not fixed too. 



And I still haven't gotten feedback from the CS regarding this. The ticket is still open and they're working on it. 


As someone said it's impossible to get a job


If that's due to the fact that I've closed the jobs myself I should not be punished. I was actually happy when I saw that I do not have to wait for them to close it. Stupidly I thought they would be notified and have to leave feedback to get the feedback I've gotten them. Well, I see they all have the feedback I gave them while I have nothing. That's amazing, not. 


I've contacted yesterday two or three contracts that I still have open and no, of course, no reply. I mean, that's bull ****.