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JSS impact due to client lack of providing data

Recently, I have seen that my JSS score dipped a little bit.  Since this is the first time that it has dropped below 100%, I'm trying to figure out what is the impact of me suggeting a milestone date of X.  When the date comes and goes and the client has not provided the required work specimens for me to complete my side of the work, does this affect negatively affect my JSS?


What happens if there is a contract between 2 parties on Upwork to complete a said task.  If the client has to terminate or delay the contract not due to the performance of the freelancer, (ie client pregnancy or project financial red flag event), does this affect the freelancers' JSS?


Also I was noticed that someone posted the comment that most of the time the JSS is more impacted by private feedback than anytthing else.  Not sure how to validate this to be true.

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Due dates on milestones are strictly between client and FL and have no effect on stats at all. 


Your JSS can dip if contracts with great fb fall out of the 24-month calculation window and there are more recent ones with less than great fb. It can also happen more immediately when you get sub-perfect fb. And yes, the private fb is what counts. The most important metric is 'clients who would recommend you' which is cumulative over the life of your account and updates on a different cycle than the other calculations. Last year my JSS went from 100 to 97 and I never was able to figure out exactly why. Some months later, it went back to 100 and again, I couldn't really figure out why.


It used to be that a contract closed with no earnings was a liability in your JSS calculation. I believe it is the case now that it will do no harm as long as there is no negative client fb associated with it. (If I'm wrong, somebody correct me.)


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