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JSS is updated when there is no new contract.

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Waleed E Member Since: Jun 16, 2017
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My last client I worked with was 2 weeks ago. He submitted a good review like others and I remained my score at 98%. What suprised me is now my JSS is dropped to 91% eventhough I got no new contracts for two weeks. Could you please explain this to me?



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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Waleed, everyone's JSS was recalculated Aug 6, so in your case, did any contract close between July 25 and Aug 5? If so, then private feedback on that contract must have been low, and you could use Top Rated feedback removal perk, if you think that's a good use of the perk, making sure you specify 'JSS Only' because you don't want "Feedback removed by freelancer' in your work history in place of a 5 star feedback. However, if all your contracts closed before July 25, then I can't think of an explanation for the change in your JSS.

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Waleed E Member Since: Jun 16, 2017
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Thanks John for your response. From the review I got, the client wanted to expand his work with me. He contacts me on weekly basis to inform me with his updates. This private feedback is something is always the resort of UpWork to avoid disclosure of their calculation algorithm even if it is buggy. I had an invitation few weeks ago that was never gone until few days even though the job itself was closed. 


My issue is we can not be expected to always trust UpWork algorithm. I mean it is not a military secret to keep hiding it. It is our right to know how we are assessed and to accept it or move to another platform. This vague computation having vague words like contract aging, private feedback and other terms that attempts to end any mean to understand the JSS. 


I don't even know the meaning behind having two feedbacks. Since it is done at the end ofcontract, the client has freedom to critisize my work publicly especially if it is affecting my JSS. I don't persoanally care about sweet words if it is not the truth (or JSS is not calculated as expected).