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JSS please give me advice

Community Leader
Carlos L Member Since: Oct 16, 2017
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Hello!!I was having my after lunch coffee revising my phone, after one year without activity contract client decided to end it leaving a very bad feedback of 3, I revised the message to see what was wrong with my work, client even sent me happy stickers, showing me his satisfaction? But what happen now I don't know why that bad feedback, I think there is not a rule for checking client honesty, did he fought with his wife? I don't know but we are exposed to client mood I think. This brought me to the thinking maybe I need now, regarding the situation, low my hourly rate with the hope of being more competitive? To be sincere I'm only, at the time, getting back my connects money, I don't need to say that is not nice, so should I low my hourly rate? I've 84 in JSS, is that very bad?

Community Guru
Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Carlos L wrote:

 I've 84 in JSS, is that very bad?

It's bad enough. Isn't that around what your previous account was at before you created a new one?


Also, as the contract was closed today, it is not yet even included in your JSS calculation (which was calculated yesterday). Expect your JSS to go down next time it is calculated in 13 days.


Carlos L wrote:

 should I low my hourly rate?

That won't help. Clients aren't any happier with poor work at a low rate than the are with poor work at a high rate.