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JSS strangely dropped

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Ivelin R Member Since: Apr 1, 2020
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Hello guys,


I had something strange happen to me. My JSS dropped, which isn't something I would make a post about typically as it does tend to fluctuate, but the strange thing is that I have not finished or closed any contracts in the udpate type period. Literally, no reviews were left for ANY project, I have not given permission to any past clients to change feedback. How can it actually happen? I literally had my JSS increase to 95% and I went on vacation, I did not take on any projects, close or pretty much do anything that affects JSS for more than two weeks. I wonder what caused my JSS to suddenly drop to 90%?

Any ideas on how does this happen? Maybe because I did not send new proposal or weren't as active?



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Drew D Member Since: Feb 18, 2020
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Two possibilities are likely: 

-you have an open contract with no money paid on it that has now been opened long enough to reduce your JSS; 

-a shift in the completed jobs available in your 6 month JSS calculation window has reduced your JSS. 


Having a brief look at your profile, I think it is the latter. It looks like a completed job from January has dropped out off your calculation window bringing your average score down.