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Re: JSS was not updated.

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Alex P Member Since: Mar 12, 2020
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Hello everyone. This is a third and the last one topic by me with same problem. I didn't get any help before. The problem is my JSS wasn't updated. But it says that it was. It's still the same number as it was before. Also, my working total hours was decreased, idk why (from 100 to 97). Is there anyone with the same problem? What should I do? 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi  Oleksandr,


I checked your account and it looks like the calculation of your Job Success Score is accurate. Please know that both private and public feedback are considered in your score's calculation. We won't be able to share information about any specific feedback, but you can check the explanation of how JSS is calculated here.


Are you referring to the difference between the total hours on your Specialized Profiles? Please note that those are related to the Work history you've linked to your Specialized Profile. You can adjust this by scrolling down to the ''Work History and Feedback'' section of it and select the 'Pencil/Edit' button. Within this setting menu, you'll be able to select the Jobs relevant to your Specialized Profile and publish them accordingly.

~ Bojan