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Re: Job Success Score drops 6% when all reviews are 5 stars

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Phyllis G Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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Steven A wrote:

Actually UpWork is the "business" -- I am a "freelancer".



Not really. You are the business, UW is one of the tools you use (along with software licenses, bank accounts, marketing tools such as a website and social media profiles). 

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Steven A wrote:

That sounds good and I'll try it, but it's the same issue: now instead of ignoring my request to leave feedback they will ignore my request to close the contract.

Ask the client to end the contract immediately after the project is finished, when they are still online and very happy with your work. That will give you the best chance that they do that. Clients know how important feedback is to the freelancer, so they will be happy to help you out. If you miss that crucial time window, only end one contract at a time after a few contracts with feedback so that the percentage of contracts without feedback become too many. Plus, as Petra stated, client selection is key. 

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Steven A wrote:

My "clients who would recommened" you percentage is 100%, JSS is truly flawed, or the worst thing to do is consider "no feedback" as bad because I am literally reminding people 4x in one day and still not getting feedback, but these are people that have re-hired me it's not unhappiness with the work, it's just human nature to not leave feedback 

If the client closes the contract, you don't need to ask for feedback, Upwork requires it during the closing process. And, return clients positively impact your JSS. 

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Will L Member Since: Jul 9, 2015
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Upwork likes automatic default selections (such as new projects defaulting to minimum JSS requirement of 90), so there's no good reason Upwork couldn't tell a client that the freelancer will automatically be assigned an average rating for a just-finished project unless the client provides other feedback within, say, seven days.


It would be interesting to see what Upwork would consider "average" when it comes the JSS and how many clients would manually enter non-average feedback. 


And no project would ever again be closed without "feedback" for the freelancer.

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Steven A Member Since: Nov 30, 2018
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What about this scenario? If a client assigns you a milestone and puts the date wrong (e.g. tomorrow) then you don't submit it for 1-2 weeks, does that count as "late work" affecting your JSS?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Steven A wrote:

What about this scenario? If a client assigns you a milestone and puts the date wrong (e.g. tomorrow) then you don't submit it for 1-2 weeks, does that count as "late work" affecting your JSS?

No. it is completely irrelevant as far as the JSS is concerned.

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Anton L Member Since: Apr 25, 2019
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Hi, everyone.

When can I get first JSS?

Please let me know.

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Anton,


Thanks for reaching out to us. More than 90% of freelancers have a score after 5 projects. Since not all projects and clients are equal, the length of time will vary. Nearly all freelancers have scores after completing eight projects. The projects need to be with at least three different clients and take place within a 24-month period.

We exclude clients whose freelancers report a history of unreasonable feedback so their scores won't count against you, but that may mean it takes longer to receive your initial score.

You may want to follow on our Help Article to learn more about JSS.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Anton L Member Since: Apr 25, 2019
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Thanks. Aleksandar.

But should I get feedbacks from all of the eight projects?

And does any refund affect the jss?

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Will L Member Since: Jul 9, 2015
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That is fascinating information, Alexsandar. And thank you for it.


Others here will no doubt claim they knew about this element of the JSS calculation, but it is new tome.

I have said here before that Upwork should make public the average ratings clients have provided their previous freelancers, so freelancers who might apply to those clients' future job postings can decide whether they want to work for hard-to-please / argumentative / dyspeptic clients.

Upwork's solution to this problem is better than nothing, but it results in such clients' future freelancers worrying unnecessarily about unavoidably negative feedback they have no way of knowing won't count against their Job Success Score.

For my part, I'd much rather completely avoid working with such clients than work for them, put up with their shenanigans and then wonder whether their unjustifably negative feedback is or isn't going to be reflected in my JSS calculation.

Making these clients' feedback public would likely also have the effect of reducing the number of proposals these clients get for their future projects, which Upwork has recently said is an important goal.