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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Hermann M wrote:

My latest experience with UW has me boiling and steaming. Because of one client's bad private rating, I dropped from 100% to 86%. During the last 2 week's 1 finished another job and got 5 stars and I know as a fact a great private rating. Yesterday was update time and my ranking didn't go up at all but stayed where it was at 86%. I have a total of 21 jobs over the last 2 years, not 2k so a new job finished and closed with great ranking has to make a difference.
I chatted with one of the useless support people who tried unsuccessfully to talk her way out of it saying well we view different aspects bla bla bla  . and then, of course, well its all done by computer .... fact remains, I should be back over 90% and am not and UPWorks sucks big time by all mathematics I should have 92% and not 86% trust me my words here are chosen carefully I will finish the jobs I'm working on and then UW can ................

Hi Hermann. The reason your JSS remained unchanged, despite receiving a great new feedback, is probably that another great feedback dropped out of the back of your calculation window. I reckon your JSS is probably based on your 6-month window, and one of those Dec 2018 feedbacks may have just dropped out of it.

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Brian F Member Since: Jun 4, 2013
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I had a HORRIBLE client recently who was my most obnoxious in years.  Tiny contract for a measly amount.  I just wanted to end it and refund him everything but then I rememnbered that even that isn't good enough for JSS, which will often count that against a client. I can't realise I am dealing with a bad client, refund him fully, and STILL not be penalized? Please, that's just ridiculous. When will this awful system become trnasparent and simple and only reflect customer satisfcation and dissatisfaction?  The current system penalizes us if Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn don't align.  Seriously, fix this terribly, unfair, blatantly untransparent system.  How many more comments do you need form freelancers to fix this?  I am currently at 100% but this system is simply terrible.

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Ron M Member Since: Oct 25, 2016
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Hermann you might check this link.

Requests may only be made every 3 months and after 10 or more completed contracts from the time you submitted your previous request. From what I read you only have two weeks to do it. Others here may correct me if I'm wrong.


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Michael R Member Since: Jul 8, 2019
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I hope you are doing well.

I have a problem with the Stats (Job Success Score).

It shows a score of 60% from a while, and after 2 successful jobs with a (5 stars rating) it still 60%.

But yesterday the date is already changed to 7 of Jul.
JSS still the same.

What could the problem be?

Have a nice day.

Kind Regards,

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Chady I Member Since: Jul 8, 2019
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I have less than 2 months on the platform, with 5 projects completed. (near 5-star rating for each)

I took on a project where the client ended the contract and did not want to allow for revisions and left a private negative review. Combined with (probably) a second not so good private review, although the public ones look good, led to a 68% JSS. 


How did you recover from such a score? Were you able to win projects and how? 

would be grateful for any tips. Thank you!

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Ilona B Member Since: Jun 7, 2018
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My rating has not changed despite all the ratings of 5 stars and positive reviews for 2 weeks. Why?
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Hermann M Member Since: Jul 8, 2018
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Seems to be a new thing with UpWorks - I'm not sure what is happening, but their software seems to be on the blink also, I have a yellow dot showing a dispute - been there since 6 months already even though there is no dispute - my rating also didn't change - it is highly frustrating, you work and work and then have to deal with UW short=commings as well I'm pissed 

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Hadi S Member Since: Jul 8, 2019
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Hi there!
I have a problem with JSS...


I was top-rated with 100% of JSS, I finished my last contracts successfully with client satisfaction and 5 stars, but now after JSS update, my JSS dropped to 88% with no top-rated budget!!!


I appreciate hearing from you about this issue.
Kind regards

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Hermann M Member Since: Jul 8, 2018
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Join the Club - the client probably bitched about something in the private rating which we do not get to see - this is a lose lose situation for freelancers - the rating system SUCKS 

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Michelle T Member Since: Mar 28, 2018
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I don't think Upwork should allow clients to leave mismatched public and private feedback. If a client leaves a positive review publicly but gives a negative review in private, the client is basically being dishonest in one of the reviews. Who wants to work with a client who is being deceptive? Also, it doesn't help the freelancer to understand what happened, rectify a situation, and to possibly make changes in the future.