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Nidhal A Member Since: Mar 19, 2020
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Hi All,


I hope you are doing well and safe.


basically i signed up to upwork in September 2019 and till March 2020 i had no clients. My first job was in April and the contract was ended in the same week if i remember well as i submitted the required work. i got 5 stars public feedback (the private one, no idea as it is "private" for a reason). after two weeks i got another client and i had a problem with some rules in the country where i moved to that time. at that time i moved to a country and definitely was not aware of the rules and regulations, i worked for this client for one day and then got to know about my legal rights, and to avoid any problem in a country i moved recently i decided to contact the client and explain the same situation, the client was really nice to me and was cooperative (i can't deny that at all), upon the closure of the contract, the client gave me 3.4 public feedback (the private one, boh! no idea). within another week i got another client who was not responsive at all. he awarded me the contract and i accepted it but he never replied to any of my messages after the contract was accepted and since at that time i was new to upwork and i read that "open contracts with no income" has a major impact on my JSS, i decided to contact the client and asked him to end the contract. after the closure of this contract, i got "33% of clients who recommend me". please don't argue with me about this because i can't believe others and accuse my eyes. following to this, i was awarded another 2 clients (1 client for more than 3 months and the other one 2 months). during this period, my JSS appeared to me as 84% which was for sure for the first 3 contracts as there is no way that the in progress contracts affect the JSS but at the same time, when the JSS appread, the clients who recommend me disappeared and it showed me zero (kindly refer to 84% image attached to this topic). this 84% JSS raise many questions to me, if the cancelled contract with no feedback was not included in the JSS, then why the "clients who recommend me" shows me 33% (which means basically 1 client out of 3 recommended me) and definitely, according to upwork policy, one contract with no feedback should not affect me JSS. last week, i submitted all the required work to my clients and they gave me 5 stars each (private feedback? no idea but both of them brought me potential clients so i believe they were satisfied enough at least not to give negative private feedback). however, after the closure of these two contracts, my JSS dropped from 84% to 52% for a reason or another. i got in touch with the technical support and the community here, they both told me "a probable negative feedback". i raised to the technical support many questions but no one was able to answer them but one of them (i raised actually two tickets by mistake to be honest) told me clearly that earnings are taken into consideration when calculating JSS which, to be honest, raise a very very very big question mark to me because i was earning from both contracts in a daily basis and they were paying in a weekly basis as both contracts were "hourly contracts". however, and based on this amazing experience, i decided, if my JSS does not change in the upcoming two weeks, i will shut down my account as i can't allow my "unsuccessful" upwork profile to damage my reputation. the decision i made is due to the following reasons:

1) un-clear method of JSS calculation and i can raise billions of questions and pretty sure nobody will be able to answer them 

2) my 33% as client recommend me where it went? i understand that it is lifetime one, so where it is? it has to be lower than 33% for sure since there are some clients "who did not recommend me" and thatswhy MAYBE my JSS dropped to 52% but at least some of them did and thatswhy i had 33% as clients recommend me.

3) one of the technical support told me "i can see that clients really love your work" but at the same time, he told me my CLIENTS raised negative feedback and if i had 5 clients and my JSS is 52% (currently) that means almost half of my clients did not like my work. so this does not make any sense, if "my clients really love my work" then the negative feedback comes from? 

4) the last two contracts equal to more than 90% of my income. basically if one of them gave me a negative feedback, the impact on my JSS has to be reduced by the positive one given by the other client. i am sure 100000000% one of them did give me a positive one as he was very very very happy and he was paying bonuses to me more than what i earn in a week. so this does not make any sense!!!!!!! 

5) Upwork policy says clearly that the impact of jobs on the JSS will be based on the size of the job!!! so, how come my JSS dropped from 84% to 52% because of two big contracts which one of them for sure gave me a good private feedback?

6) this is my favorite part!!!!!! "a detailed and defined private feedback", this sentence was said to me by one of the technical support, really? we know that the private feedback is basically a scale from 1 to 10 (i got to know about it recently and thanks to "Petra" for that, so what detailed and defined feedback was given?

7) the private feedback is supposed to be something for me, not against me. i don't mind it to affect my JSS but at least i MUST be aware of my weaknesses so i improve them. so why it is that much strictly confidential? i am not asking about the client who gave it to me! i did not ask for the rate which was given to me or how JSS is calculated! i am asking what are my weaknesses so i improve them!!! it is a simple right we all MUST have it otherwise i will have many doubts which basically now i do.

8) last point, i spent more 8 hours to collect information and send the same to the technical support to basically show them that i built my thoughts based on something upwork support publsihed (which is upwork policy) and linkes (sources) were attached to my emails, they replied back to me with the same links suggesting me to read them. really! did they really read my email or they just used a template to reply back to me? with all of my respect to all technical support employees.


Unfortunately, i really started good (definitely with some difficulties which were totally expected), but in this week i really experienced alot! it really seems to me that the JSS is basically something just to keep control over freelancers and clients are totally free to destroy us. i never experienced a problem with my clients (in real life or in upwork), all my feedbacks to my clients are really good and in real life i had been awarded more than 8 times as best employee in one of the big four and was awarded certificates of recognition for my communication skills while my JSS in upwork shows me totally the opposite. I am also a PhD student in my major who was invited by a university to apply for it, based on all of these, i really don't think that i am rude or my knowledge is bad or even the quality i provide is bad, in real life and till this moment, i get in a daily basis calls for interviews, but i want to build my own business! i want to become the person i want to be.


Be sure, i am not here to complain or to ask questions, i just want to raise a few points which led me to this decision, so please and i ask you kindly not to argue, blame or even judge me. keep in your mind that we see different situations in different eyes which means we have different point of views and as i respect yours, you should respect mine.


I had nice days on Upwork and i met new people and clients who were really nice and polite. I show respect to all of you and apologies if was tough with my words or did not express myself in a good way. In addition, I apologize for the very long topic but this was my experience with upwork and wanted to share it with you.

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Manish S Member Since: Mar 26, 2019
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My client is new to Upwork. And he wanted to pay me bonus of 100$. But by mistake he has paid it twice. And he has requested the refund for both. He is going to pay one of them. So my question is will refunding the bonus amount effect my JSS.

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Filip K Member Since: May 22, 2017
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If you had any other payments on this contract, it will not affect your JSS (if the client didn't give you a bad feedback of course). I dont understand why did he request refund for both bonuses though, if he wanted to pay one.

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Manish S Member Since: Mar 26, 2019
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Thanks Filip for providing this information. Let me refund those bonuses.
I just noticed he paid me bonus thrice. So he requested 2 of them.

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Manish,


Refunding your client for the mistakenly sent twice bonus doesn't affect your JSS. To learn more about what can affect your score, please check this help article

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Khushhal S Member Since: Aug 17, 2020
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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Khushhal S wrote:


When you start having better contract outcomes. It might go down further first. Your last client on the high value contract (The JSS is Dollar-weighed) that closed since the last update wasn't happy either... And that contract was nine times more money than all your other contracts together...

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Kelly G Member Since: Jul 24, 2020
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Hi, I figured out what part of the JSS is confusing and frustrating. As a small freelancer, the "contracts without activity" part should NOT lower my score. I have several clients that have loaded high value milestones and due to COVID-19 and personal life adjustments, and kids and homeschooling and EVERYTHING else we are going through, projects have been paused or work has slowed. My score shouldn't be affected by the Upwork algorithm deciding WHEN "activity" or lack of it is occurring.

Excessive lack of feedback should have NOTHING to do with this score. I can't force clients to leave feedback and likewise not leaving feedback is sometimes wiser than an attempt at something "fake." I REALLY wish Upwork would quit saying "they understand the frustration" and talk to the folks using the platform. Especially us smaller freelancers. The JSS is not considerate and is not reflective of the type of work I'm currently doing. I feel that an 81% JSS is keeping me from getting new work. 

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Timothy F Member Since: Sep 13, 2018
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My feedback was 99% for 2 years. Then in a short space of time, I got 2 bad clients:

- One who expected far more than he was paying and didn't even have clear deliverables. This client set a minuscule milestone, then acted surprised when I didn't write a work of Shakespeare.
- And a second who upon not liking my sample (and me offering a second sample for free) tried to proclaim that he wouldn't pay for any of it because he didn't like the sample, then when I explained (politely and professionally, mind you) that isn't how Upwork works, he ended the contract. 

Both these clients gave me bad feedback and now my 99% is 93%.

Is this simply the way of the world? Should I just accept this? Or is there some way to omit or challenge this feedback?  

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Yasir S Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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I was once a Rising Talent, then got Top Rated badge with 100% JSS. Now, a client reviewed me and it went all the way down to 83%. I asked UPwork to remove the feedback and it jumped to 87%. It has bene over a month no new jobs have been awarded but I am constantly getting work on hourly and fixed price contracts and now it dropped back to 85%


I have lost the TR badge the moment i went below 90% but seems like its not getting up despite having more reviews, and better longer contracts with existing clients.


I am also not getting any response from the clients when i send them proposals. When I was Rising Talent or Top Rated, i used to get a lot of responses. But that isn't the scene anymore.


I am worried that this might limit my ability to score new jobs and work. Anyone can help?