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Ambrož B wrote:

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Yes, I have two projects without feedback because their clients didn't respond. Suddenly they were offline and never respond to me. I contact customer support and discuss the issue. They also contact them and didn't get a response. Not once but 3 to 4 time I contact the customer care

What did you do that for? Jeez! Wasting support time to then have them harass the clients? Unbelievable. You are really lucky the clients did NOT leave feedback and mark you down for haunting them...


Idle contracts, provided money was paid and you don't have huge numbers of those, do not hurt your JSS and have no impact on anything whatsoever at all. There is no need to harass clients or keep contacting support.

The exact same applies to contracts without feedback.


Professional freelancers ask clients to end the contract once. If clients go missing, professionals simply end the contract themselves.


But if freelancers end the contract, then it negatively impact on their JSS because those contracts are without feedbacks .... If I understand right, have to do that tactically .. slowly when they have enough of "good feedbacks"

No, ending the contract has nothing to with it.  By ending the client you are forced to provide feedback, instead of the client.  I can think of situations were it might be good for you to close a project and the client NOT provide feedback, can you?

Go here:


Read this point: How do contracts with no earnings or feedback affect my score?

Contracts with no client feedback, including ones you ended or left open and inactive, do not affect your score unless you have excessive contracts with no feedback.


Contracts with a history of earnings but no feedback, whether closed or not, are mostly excluded from your JSS. However, if you have many contracts where no feedback has been given, it can impact your score (a little) negatively because it indicates some of your clients were dissatisfied.


The reason why you might want to do is SLOWLY is covered here:

Will closing idle or inactive contracts hurt my score?


Please keep in mind that when you, as a freelancer, close a contract it will be immediately considered in your JSS during the next update. When you leave a contract open and inactive, the impact to your score takes longer to appear (typically a few months). In both cases, the impact may be the same, but the timing is different.


Reading between the lines and, bear in mind, I am not the authority others are (cough...Petra...cough) since we don't know what impact an inactive job ALREADY has and we don't know what Upwork's definition of excessive is, it is better to pick one off, see wait for a JSS calculation or two and then do another if you are still feeling good about it.