Job Application Auto-Hide Feature

Hello, Everyone


I happened to come across "Auto-hide feature", people say it hides irrelevant applications.


I have few questions about that. Kindly give your best possible explanations. It will not only help me, but also other innocent applicants who unintentionally trigger the feature. Though I am always being careful & selective in applying for any job, my job landing ratio is very low.


So, please explain me..


  • What is the Auto-Hide Feature?


  • How are the spam applications segregated from relevant applications?


  • Do our ratings, feedbacks, job history, tests passed, skills play a vital role in our applications' safe passage?


  • If Yes, how does our statistics help us bypass the feature?


I eagerly look forward to your detailed inputs. 🙂





There is an extensive thread about the auto-hide feature in the forums. THIS IS THE URL.

Hi, Pandora

Thank you a lot




@Pravin K wrote:

Hi, Pandora

Thank you a lot



Your quite welcome, Pravin. I wasn't being lazy by just posting the URL of the thread, there is just SO much discussion about this, and so many variables involved.


Needless to say, we are ALL affected, some more then others. All I can say is keep your Profile clean and updated, politely ask for feedback from your clients, etc.