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Job Details not displaying in a new tab.



When I open a job in a new tab it does not provide the details instead displays a message "See the invitation to interview for more details on this job." but when I directly click on the job from my feed and search page it shows the details. 


Hi Salima,


Does this happen with every single job that you try to open or is it one in particular? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see on your end?


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Luiggi, Thank you for your prompt response.


No, it happens with some jobs. I am sharing 2 screenshots. The first one shows when I open the job in a new tab. The second one shows when I click on the link directly.


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The client has engineered it to appears this way. Their job post only contains the "see invitation" language in the description and the client has then added details in the invitation message that it sends to individual freelancers. 

Hi Salima,


Thank you for sharing those details. I'll have one of our agents reach out to you directly via a support ticket for further assistance.


Thank you,

~ Luiggi
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