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Job Duration appears longer that reality



I have only secured one job till now with fixed rate, And it took me arround 2 days to finish with reviews but due to slow response from the client he accepted it after 4 days of completion and I didn't realize I need to end the contract if the client didn't until after another 6 days from the clients approval. 


So the job started at feb 12 and realistically ended at feb 14 but it shows on my profile that it ended on feb 24, and the job is so easy that it doesn't require all that time and I'm afraid It'll give me bad reputation. 


Is there is something I can do or Upwork can do like can I write a comment on the work history or even hide it from my history?



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Most of my jobs are like that, the one I finish in 1 day seems as if it took months. I don’t mind that much though, and I don’t think your potential clients will mind as much as you think. Removing a job from the freelancer profile is only possible by using top-rated perks.
But if you really want to indicate this aspect, you can respond to the client’s feedback and say you completed that job in ... time. And your respond will be visible on your profile if that contract is closed recently.

There's nothing to worry about. It will not have any negative affect whatsoever. 

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