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Job Feed Suggestion: Should be sorted by Date-Time (most recent first)

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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Job feed is the entry point for any freelancer. But often it seems that the feed are not sorted by Date-Time.
I just noticed that I accidently applied to some very old job where client has already interviewed a bunch of developers and might have made a decision.


I think it is one of the important things that Upwork keeps this feed error free.
But we see bugs too often.


Job feed.png


Community Guru
James S Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Yep, something definitely go on;  I had the same thing happen today. The top of my job feed had a job that was posted 7 days ago; the client was already interviewing 2 freelancers and hadn't viewed the job listing in 2 days. 


 Edit: Here's another: (A job posted a month ago and the one I was talking about 7 days ago in the mix too) 





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David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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I've seen the same thing. I've had jobs that were posted a month ago mixed in with jobs that were posted just a few hours ago. My setting is to show the newest jobs first.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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You can select newest first. That should straighten that out.

Community Guru
James S Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Hi Suzanne,


Mine are! That's what is so strange, it just started happening in the past 24 hours. I've never changed anything since day one that I joined.

Community Guru
Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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You are right.


I just looked at my job feed more closely. There are jobs that are up to 21 days old next to jobs posted 2 hours ago.

Odd. Must be a new bug.

Community Guru
Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Yes it is a new bug.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----
Community Guru
Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Withso many mummy and daddy bugs around the place, it's inevitable that there'll be the occasional new baby bug...

Community Guru
Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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To me it looks really strange! No matter how many bugs are there how do you messup the sortings? It looks like pure lack of control over the development process!

Active Member
Jennifer M Member Since: Mar 22, 2015
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Yes definitely a bug and not being fixed!  Also when I try to get support I get a privacy error.


Is anyone going to fix this stuff?