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Job Filter QOL Improvements

It would be nice to hide jobs that don't match the minimum hourly payment. I know the client budget is between $20-27$  that is why it shows up in my search filter but some clients place just a budget between $5-150$ per hour. I don't want to see client that will pay between $5-150$, I just want to see client who will pay a minimum of $25 per hour. 

Usually, the job that has an hour budget set to $5-150 has clients with a bad reputation or low average hourly pay rate. I just want to hide all clients like that. My main job feed page is already swarmed with spam job posts or with clients who have a low comical budget ($5), at least give me the option to get rid of this type of job post in my job filters. 

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Hi Ahmet,


Your feedback really means a lot to us and we truly appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I'll pass this over to the appropriate department for further review and action if necessary. 


~ Arjay
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