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Job Invitation

I run an agency inside Upwork. yesterday I have a client who wants to add 2 freelancers from agency. she sent a job invite and only 1 came through my agency, the other invite went directly to the freelancer.

another client of mine also tried to add 2 freelancers a few hours ago, and both invites did not go through my agency.

these are the first time that I had issues with job invitations from clients that did not go through my agency. 

how can this be solve?

Mark Cuesta
Community Member

Hi Mark,

I see that you are currently being assisted by our support team who is investigating your issue. Please expect an update directly on the ticket shortly, thanks!


hello nina,


if you can assist me now the better, I cannot wait for CS.. client is waiting for this issue to be fix and I don't want the client to keep waiting. he might give this opportunity to another agency

Mark Cuesta

Hello Mark,


We're sorry about that. I just made a follow up on your ticket with our team. Our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


same scenario happened again yesterday. job invite did not go through my agency. it went directly to the freelancer, so I asked the freelancer to decline and emailed my client to double check and make sure that it will go through my agency.

 is there a screenshot that i can show to my client what to click or do in the job invite to ensure that it will go through my agency?

Mark Cuesta

Hello Mark,


Can you please discuss with your freelancers about an option of becoming an exlcusive member of the agency, or for the freelancers to select the agency as their default team in Settings. If the issue still persists after this, please let us know by replying to this post. Thank you!

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