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Job Post Quality Decreasing Substantially

I ask that the Upwork moderation team please improve the job quality. There are SO many jobs that are openly posting contact information with emails, whatsapp, or telegraph information. Furthermore, there are duplicate job posts at a consistent interval throughout a day which reeks of suspicious behavior/spam/bots/phishing. Please do better, it is a terrible look.

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You are correct. But this is really a Trust and Safety team issue, not a Moderator one. They have known about it for months, have said they are working on it for months, but so far, the feeds remain full of them. We do not know why posts with contact information are not blocked by them.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Daniel, 

I have reported the job posts you mentioned here and have sent them to the team for their review and action. 

I understand that this is very frustrating for our users. We continue sharing feedback with the team and providing updates to the Community about the team's initiatives. In the meantime, I invite you to check an update in this post for more information about the team's efforts around addressing these issues and this Terms of Service Reminders test that was recently rolled out.

~ Avery
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