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Job Posted - How to clarify a query related to a Job Posting

Hi Everyone,

I am curious to understand the below.


If a job poster posts a job that is unclear to a freelancer ( or as a freelancer , someone may have a doubt on the posting.), what is the way to clarify a query related to the job post.

At present, it seems that one has to waste Connects to actually send a proposal, without being clear of the job requirements.

Can anyone help with a solution here?
How does one message a job poster, without actually shelling out money in the form of Connects?


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Maybe someone else knows differently, but I don't think that's possible. When I see ads with incomplete information (such as ads for manuscript editors that pay well but fail to mention the subject of the manuscript or even whether it is fiction or nonfiction), I simply don't apply. In many cases that same client will invite me to interview, and that's when I learn whether I'm interested or not. I realize that's not practical for everyone, but connects are too valuable (especially now that we have to use more of them) to use to respond to ads that might not be right for us.


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There is no way to contact a client before a contract starts; not without violating Upwork's TOS.


Back in the glory days of cheap Connects--whenever that was--I would respond with questions if I spotted a highly interesting job with semi-clear or unclear requirements when it required 1 or 2 Connects. These were jobs where I believed I could glean enough information from the stated job posting to determine interest, even when the client clearly had trouble explaining their requirements.


I ignore jobs with incomplete information or jobs where the client obviously has no clue what they are looking for.

Is same. I applied with question before. Now it is too expensive so ignoring.

But connects don't matter now. Within last 3 days i found only one job to apply. Watching jobs fulltime 24\7, incl 16hrs online daily. Lot of spam\scam and no jobs fit my skills. Clients gone, no more works here.

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