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Job Posting Applications and Non-responsive Clients

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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I used to keep my account neat and orderly by withdrawing applications that were old (15 to 30 days), and clients had not responded in any manner. These days, I am reluctant to withdraw any applications because I do not want that held against my overall freelancer metrics (Not certain if this is a metric or not). Now, I have about 35 open job applications. About half don't show any interviews have been performed. Most clients have not even looked at their job posts for half a month or more. I should mentioned that some of the applications are to jobs oDesk posted. What are the rules regarding how long clients can leave dormant job posts actively posted? Freelancers are now rated for "responsiveness." How are clients rated for responsiveness? It cost freelancers time to formulate and submit applications. Improve the quality of the job posting and application process. Impose a "responsiveness" rating for clients like that for freelancers.
Ron aka LanWanMan
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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No point in withdrawing applications. After 7 days you get that application back anyway; and the application remains 'live' for 30 days after it's posted (after which it's deleted). There is a chance -however slim- that one of these more dormant applications will bear fruit, so it's in your best interests to leave it there. It's not costing anything and may work in your favour. Some clients are slower than others because they are having to get budget approvals past committees and the like. And some advertise their jobs on multiple platforms and don't bother going back and deleting the unsuccessful ones. Clients do what clients do. No point in getting irate because nothing will change and it's just your own lifespan you're shortening.