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Job Recommendation Notices

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Tom R Member Since: Oct 29, 2015
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Well I haven't been getting these in over a month or so, perhaps two. All of a sudden I get two today, which is awesome it means it works.


Downside, both job recommedations were based on skills that I removed from my profile two months ago to avoid specially what just happened. While I have those skills I'm not interested in those types of jobs at the moment.


I noticed a few new jobs in my jobs feed today that actually do match my skills for jobs I'm looking for on my profile but I didn't get notications about those. Just ones matching skills I had on my profile about two months ago.


So at the moment my Jobs Feed lists the jobs that match my skills but the listing is in no particular order so I have to scan through dozens of old jobs to find current ones. The email notices about new job postings that match you skillset are coming for skillsets I no longer have listed and not for the ones that are listed.


This does make looking for jobs a bit of a hassle.

Tam L Employee Member Since: Aug 31, 2015
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Hey Tom - 


Thanks for pointing this out, and highlighting this use case. Will bring it up in my meeting!