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Job Search Acting Up

Hey all, 


When I am searching for UW jobs my computer, the first page of the job search is usually accurate and shows the latest jobs. When I click to see the next page of jobs, it jumps, without fail, to jobs posted three hours prior. 


When I search on my phone using the UW app I don't have this problem as I never have to click to another page. 


Anyone else having this problem? It's pretty annoying.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Allen, 

I'm sorry if this has inconvenienced you. Let me see if I can replicate it and I'll get back to you once I have more findings. 

FOLLOW UP: I wasn't able to replicate your issue, Allen. Do you have a screen grab you can share with me through a private message so that I can check on this further?

~ Avery
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